Unisex Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Sleep Track Step Counter, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone Samsung Android Phones

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Why I cannot find the Bluetooth of my watch on VIRMEE APP?

Please ensure the watch is not paired with other mobile devices. Then make sure the watch's screen is on, and keep the watch near your mobile phone (within 10 meters). Meanwhile, please allow VIRMEE APP to access your location, otherwise it won't be able to search your watch.

Why the watch doesn't synchronize my sleeping data to VIRMEE APP?

Please allow VIRMEE APP to access your mobile phone's storage. (Go to Profile > Permission settings > Storage permissions in the APP). It usually takes 2 minutes to finish the data synchronization. Please stay on the APP page when synchronizing data. By the way, the watch only records your sleeping data from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. It will not record the data for daytime sleep.

How to stop the watch from receiving notifications?

Go to your mobile phone's settings, then disable the notifications permission for VIRMEE APP. Or, go to Device > Message Notification in the VIRMEE APP to block the APP from sending notifications to your watch.

How to customize the watch face?

You can tap and hold the home screen to change the watch face. You can also customize the watch face in VIRMEE App.

How to charge the watch?

Step 1: Plug the USB end of the charging cable into a USB adapter, power bank, or a USB port.

Step 2: Hold the other end of the charging cable to approach the charging pins on the back of the watch until they attach magnetically.

*If the charging cable can't magnetically attach to the charging pins of the watch, please change the direction of it.


  • Call & APP Notification -- Get a call, preview message and App notifications after smartwatch is connected with your phone. Hang up call only, cannot reply message. It can also be your alarm compass, stopwatch and timer. More functions waiting for you to explore.
  • Compatibility -- Compatible with iOS iPhone (10.0 above) and Android (5.0 above) smartphones. VIRMEE App enables to connect with Apple Health App and Google Fit. VT3 Fitness Watch comes with a magnetic charging USB cable. Charge for two hours, use for 7 Days Standby up to 15 Days. The watch band length is 9.57in. Warming Tips: Please pay attention to keep the band dry and clean to make it more comfortable to wear.

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