Tennis Bracelet and Necklace Sets 18K White Gold Plated 4.00 Round Cubic Zirconia

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  • 7.5 inch tennis bracelet and 18 inch tennis necklace come in one package
  • cubic zironia is 4.00m size ,each one is very saparkly, the lock of the sets is double safty lcok.
  • All jewelry are nickle free.
  • Package: A NicePouch Will be Availabe In The Delivery, It Is A Very Good Option To Purchase As a Gift.

Those ewelry sets are makde of 7.5 inch tennis bracelet and necklace, it is a very good option to purhase this sets. Both bracelet and necklace are sparkly. Those sets are suit to take at any ocasion. Since these sets are made of good material and nickle free. so you won't have to worry about anything