Table Lamp, Desk Lamp for Living Room with 2 Levitating Switch, Touch Lamp Led Lamp 3 Modes Levitating

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What do we want to do

Simple products are beautiful but they will become boring easily. We want to make simple products special, to the level that everyone just cannot take their attention off them. We want to make products not only good to look at but they also work differently. By making simple products special, we want to make more excitement to lives.

Product Name: Levitation round lamp
Light color: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white
Base color: Black
Base Dimensions: 250mm × 100mm × 250mm
Base Weight: 450 grams
Switch Diameter 40mm(Moon)
Switch Diameter 20mm(Magnet Ball)
Power Source: Electric
AC Adapter: Input 100-240v - 50/60Hz; Output 12V 2A
Brightness of RGB Mood Light Version: 1000 lumens for white LED and 500 lumens for RGB mood light

Package includes:
1× Circlo base
1× Circlo switch(magnet ball)
1× Circlo switch(moon)
1× Power Cable

Features & details

  • Circlo-The table lamp is light combining with our patented magnetic levitating system. This system makes the metal ball floating in the middle of the air. This floating small ball is the only switch of light that controls all the functions. By gently pressing the metal ball, you can turn the light on / off and trigger different preset mood light modes on Circlo. We call this unique invention the Flyswitch.
  • After the power is connected, the first time you press the switch, it will light up in white. The second time you press it, lights of different colors will light up, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white in turn. Pressing the switch a third time will fix the color you want. Pressing the switch for the fourth time turns off the light. If you use a moon switch, turning off the light will make the moon switch light up.
  • Don't worry, the Levitation table lamp is made of shockproof durable tempered glass so it will not break if the metal ball falls to the base. If the switch falls down accidentally, it will stick to the base and never fall off so you will never lose the switch.
  • Circlo is designed to be simple but special. it is not only a lamp but also a decoration that adorns a desk, shelf, bedside table, nightstand, end or side table, and any other furniture with its stylish design. The elegant and simple design makes it a great decorative lighting solution for many decor styles including modern, urban, minimalist, and futuristic for home or office.
  • You can think of it as a desk lamp, table lamp, night lamp, nightlight, etc., and put it in the office, hotel lobby, home, living room, study, bedroom, bar, Coffee shop, etc. It can also be used as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc. to family, lovers, friends, and colleagues, etc.