Geometric Luminous Shoulder Bag with Chain Lightweight

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  • ★ COLOR CAN BE CHANGED: This holographic crossbody bag is made of unique reflective material: luminous geometric PU leather. Under normal light, this handbag with an purse appears blue. The biggest feature is that its color can change with the light intensity, angle, and distance. When the sun shines, car lights or flashing lights hit it, the reflective material makes you full of personality
  • ★ GOOD CHOICE FOR TRAVEL: Unlike other messenger bags, this geometric crossbody bag can be folded and it is very lightweight, so when you travel to pack your luggage, it will only take up a very small space. The chain is also detachable. If you have a favorite shoulder strap, you can replace it at will. In addition to straddling the body diagonally, it can also be single-shouldered or used as a clutch
  • ★ IDEAL GIFT FOR WOMEN: Ladies of different ages can wear the luminous purse with chain: office ladies, female students, mothers, young girls, and even grandma. The full capacity and practical pockets can accommodate almost all the items we need for daily travel, such as mobile phones, iPads, wallets, keys, notebooks, lipsticks, coins, etc.
  • ★ FOCUS IN THE CROWD: Following occasions are suitable for the reflective crossbody bag: office, shopping, bar, party, school, travel, going out for dinner, etc. When you carry this luminous shoulder bag in the crowd, the attention of many people will be attracted and you will hear a lot of compliments. Besides, turn on your phone flash to take pictures, the luminous effect appears, which gives you a huge surprise
  • ★ NOTATION FOR BUYERS: The luminous effect will only be produced under the premise of strong light environment or flash photography. The iridescent purse will not emit light in a dark environment. When it is used in daily life, its color will be slightly darker than the picture. Of course, its original The color is also very pleasant

Geometric Luminous Crossbody Bag for Women


  • The crossbody bag is perfect for daily use, made of luminous geometric lattice. It's not that big, but enough to carry your daily necessities, such as phone, wallet, cosmetic, iPad, keys, lipstick, ect.
  • It is a good choice at anytime and anywhere. It's great for most occasions, such as campus, office, party, shopping, club, or going out for dinner.
  • Popular styles and individuality:It's a Perfect Gift For Girlfriend,Mother,Valentine's Day Present.


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