Down Alternative, Heavy, All-Season Luxury, Allergy Friendly Oversized Reversible Comforters

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Pattern: Quilted Solid Color

        About This Item
  • Designed for maximum comfort, our luxury queen comforter will ensure you get the best night's sleep
  • Keeping you warm on winter nights and cool on summer nights, our comforter is ideal for all seasons
  • Built to last, our hotel queen size comforters is designed with ultra-soft, premium quality materials
  • Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with warm and cozy hotel bedding in 10 different colors
  • Easy care, our full size down alternative comforters for queen bed are machine washable & dryer safe

Rest Your Way

Versatile comforter works as both a standalone bedspread or a duvet insert.


Sleep Better

Hypoallergenic materials provide a barrier against common allergens and curb sneezing.


Wake Up Refreshed

Ultra-plush design helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


All-season Comfort

Flexible design regulates temperature for a more restful sleep all year long.


Quality Materials

Synthetic feathers provide all of the benefits of a goose down without compromising health or ethics.


Premium Softness

The perfect balance between plush and comfortable makes it a luxury bedding must-have.


Versatile Options

With different color combinations to choose from, you're sure to find a comforter to match your style.

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