Brown Cat Soft Mat Shower, Tub, Bath Mat, Bathroom Rug, Non-Slip, Absorbent

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  • This mat is made with INCREDIBLY SOFT FIBERS, which would offer you the luxurious feeling like walking on velvet with its CUSHION AND SOFTNESS. After taking a shower, it would give your feet the best cushion and offer you a good start of the day or good sleep after shower.
  • This mat is AMAZINGLY ABORBENT, the moment you walk out from the shower there would be no water on the ground, all moisture is absorbed. This mat can dry your feet instantaneously and there would be no hassle about cleaning water on the floor anymore.
  • This mat is unlike all others, it is made with High Quality Microfiber Texture and easy to maintain. It is durable like the floor in your house and there would be no need to substitute it for years. Its cat-like adorable design would also make you aww every time you see it on the ground.
  • TPR technology makes this mat extremely NON-SLIP. However, do make sure there is no water on the ground when you place it. Have you ever slipped and almost fallen down in a bathroom with wet ground? This mat would spare you from all that hazard.
  • It’s super Easy to Wash. All that you simply need to do is put it in the washing machine, and it would be fully washed and dried. No one wants to wash a mat with hands after a long day, so just let the washing machine give your bath mat a new look.

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