2 Pieces Hair Cutting Scissors Set 6 Inch, Hair Thinning Scissors, Professional Barber Sharp Hair Scissors

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Hair Cutting Scissors

Exquisite Design

After years of testing shear styles and stainless steel variations.Make the scissors more beautiful, sharper, smoother and more delicate

With an ergonomic design,providing full control.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Even tooth arrangement

There are 30 teeth evenly arranged on one side of the blade to repair excessively thick hair,Reach your ideal hairstyle effect.

Hair Scissors

Fine Adjustment Tension Screw

Whether you prefer tight shears or loose shears, you can adjust to your preference with the built in fine adjustment tension screw.

Simply turn the knob clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen.

Hair Scissors

Curved Finger Rest and Comfortable Finger Hole

Equipped with a curved finger rest and comfortable finger hole, this hair cutting scissor can be used by all types of fingers.

Hair Cutting Scissors

For Barbershops

All-in-one hair cutting scissors set, includes everything you need to make a professional haircut or create a perfect stylish look.

Hair Thinning Scissors

For Home Use

Easy to use, enjoy a haircut at home, time-saving, cost-saving and convenient.

Hair Scissors

For your kids

Cut your child's long hair at home and interact with it.You can do it at any time you want, very convenient.

Hair Scissors

For your pets

No need to spare time waiting for hours in the pet grooming store, make a fashion look for your pet anytime.

Hair Scissors

Painted black 4cr13 stainless steel combination

This specific review of steel permits warm treatment to a rockwell hardness of 58, which holds the cutting edge a long time. Each pair is impacted sand wrapped up by hand to an excellent matte steel and is tweaked to be sure the best execution to make them endure forever.

  • Professional Hair Scissors:They are sturdy and unflimsy and they worked easily. The thinning scissors is professional designed to thin thick hair. TThe design and balance work together flawlessly, making a comfortable and stable tool which is easy to use. And they do indeed have razor edges.
  • Exquisite Hair Cutting Scissors Set: The hair scissors are made of stainless steel, they are truly razor sharp and wear-resistant. The product are of an excellent quality and have good adjustability. It is superbly engineered, easily disassembled for cleaning and sharp.
  • Ergonomic Design: It is very comfortable when you use it. Those two hair shears are designed with an adjustable screw, you can effortlessly adjust this hair cutting scissors to your desire of tightness and tension. They were perfectly sized for holding them correctly and have a comfortable ergonomic fit in the hand.

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